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For the Ultimate in Bitcoin Security – Use Paper

You can’t make up this stuff. From an Ars Technica article: Carlson continues to store bitcoins both on hosted platforms like Coinbase and Blockchain.info. He also keeps bitcoins on his own hardware and uses paper wallets stored in a bank … Continue reading

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Senate Continues Data Broker Investigation – Talk of Data Privacy and Security Legislation

Senate Investigation On December 18, 2013, the US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation held a hearing titled, “What Information Do Data Brokers Have on Consumers, and How Do They Use It?”    Following up, Committee Chair Senator Rockefeller has now … Continue reading

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The Internet of Things Strikes Again – FTC Settles with Rent-to-Own Spies

So these rent-to-own businesses were using the computers rented to their customers to spy on the customers.  See the FTC notice of settlement here.  Not just the webcam, as was the case in situations we discussed earlier.  In this case … Continue reading

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Blended Data and Data Governance

Last month Pentaho has announced its Business Analytics 5.0 product.   Pentaho is emphasizing the data blending capability of the product.  Pentaho isn’t the only player in this particular game, but let’s stick with them for this discussion. In this article on datanami, Chuck … Continue reading

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Will Wyndham Hotels Put Us on the Road to Rational Data Security Regulation?

I hope so. Here are the facts we need for this discussion: 1.         The Federal Trade Commission charged four different Wyndham corporations (which we’ll just call them all Wyndham here) with deceptive acts and practices, as well as unfair acts … Continue reading

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Big Data and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is about wirelessly gathering information from such things.  A definition from an article in InfoWorld: It its heart, IoT is a wide-ranging ecosystem of everyday physical objects connected to the Internet, capable of identifying themselves and … Continue reading

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The Small Bright Side to the Facebook Thing

I promised to discuss a different perspective on the damage caused by Facebook’s shadow profiles and data breach.  This is it.  I’ll keep it short because it’s Friday. The good news about the Facebook data breach is the way it … Continue reading

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It’s a Facebook Thing Now

I’d like to talk about something other than data gathering issues, but we keep hearing about new problems.  Here we go with the latest. The Apparent Facts Facebook creates “shadow profiles” about its users.  The shadow profiles contain information that … Continue reading

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Seriously, it’s Not Just the NSA

Last week we discussed how the NSA has to get its data from somewhere, and it turns out the NSA gets it from us – via Google and friends.  The essential point made was that private enterprise also deserves scrutiny … Continue reading

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The Future of Violating Your Privacy

Let’s discuss the personal information of the future – medical information.  Not just any information – information about your DNA.  (Please remember we don’t say personally identifiable information here at Big Data and the Law.) Miinome, a Minneapolis start-up is, … Continue reading

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