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Paper is the New Black

It’s Friday, it’s April and it’s snowing – this is no time for serious stuff.  We’ll do the Big Data thing next week.  Today let’s talk more about paper instead. As we said earlier this week, paper has many advantages not … Continue reading

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For the Ultimate in Bitcoin Security – Use Paper

You can’t make up this stuff. From an Ars Technica article: Carlson continues to store bitcoins both on hosted platforms like Coinbase and He also keeps bitcoins on his own hardware and uses paper wallets stored in a bank … Continue reading

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Search Engine Autocomplete Defamation is a Thing

As it is a holiday week here, I want to keep it light.  Stumbling across this makes that so very easy.  You can’t make this stuff up. Google was sued for defamation, based on autocomplete search term suggestions.  Apparently the words … Continue reading

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Friday Fun Facts

Apparently not everyone is successfully using data analytics.  I got an email from West Publishing entitled “Legal courses relevant to you.”  Here is the list of courses they suggest for me: Trends in Eyewitness Identification Private Offerings & Accredited Investors … Continue reading

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