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That NSA Thing – Think about the Data for a Minute, Think about It Differently

I started doing some photography as a hobby this year.  One thing I learned in the process is that not seeing the forest for the trees isn’t always a problem.  Sometimes the trees deserve some attention. In this case, while … Continue reading

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That NSA Thing

No doubt there has been enough written about this, and one more thing will be superfluous.  A blog named Big Data and the Law can’t avoid the subject though.  But before we get into the “and the Law” part of our … Continue reading

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Want a job? Start Tweeting and get more Facebook Friends.

If you’re concerned about your privacy, one of the best things you can do is limit the places where you disclose anything about yourself. Sadly, it’s becoming more difficult to do that.  In particular, it is becoming difficult to avoid … Continue reading

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Two Examples of Cultural Impediments to Data Privacy and Security

Example 1 Last week an article in the Huffington Post described how 420,000 computers were hacked in the process of creating a GIF-based map of the internet.  There seems to be some debate about whether what occurred was really hacking.  … Continue reading

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