Shameless Self-promotion.

The purpose of this blog is shameless self-promotion, so the intended audiences for this “Shameless Self-promotion” sidebar are those to whom I am attempting to market my services.   For all others I refer you to the “About Me” sidebar and to my bio and the description of my practice on my firm’s website.

Let’s get to the shameless self-promotion.

I know my business.  One reason for this is that I don’t focus on fifteen different things.  That’s a definitional impossibility.  As a friend of mine says: “The plural of focused is unfocused.”  I don’t dabble.   I don’t prosecute patents, I don’t practice family law or employment law and I do not litigate.  If you need a lawyer to do those things for you I can certainly recommend some very good ones.

I do technology law – in particular information technology law.  For example, I help people with complex license transactions and bet-the-farm development deals.  I deal with content issues (including data of all sizes) and the nuts and bolts of running a technology business – like EULA’s and that kind stuff.  I practice preventative law when I can, but I do some pathology work as well.

I close deals.  I know my business, so I am able to tell you when it’s probably OK to say yes.  Saying yes takes issues off the table, builds trust and generally keeps the negotiation process moving along.

However, in the process of working through the details we sometimes find something ugly.  Some deals shouldn’t get done, no matter how much momentum they have.  Sticking a fork in them is possibly sad, but it’s a successful outcome in those cases.

I’ll tell you what I really think.  I’m not in the business of putting lipstick on pigs.  On the other hand, I know you can’t protect yourself to prosperity.  You know your business better than I do.  I’ll tell you what I think the risks and trade-offs might be, and you make the decisions.

If you need a lawyer to help with the issues discussed in this blog you could do worse than me.

One Response to Shameless Self-promotion.

  1. Your website is so on point. Unfortunately, lawyers are so behind the curve when it comes to technology. Today we have the means to use Big Data for so many purposes including jury selection. Those that heed your advice will come out winners. Those that fail to recognize the importance of Big Data in the legal community will wither. I am frustrated with my brethren who reject technology. Recently, I had a conversation with a lawyer in his 60’s. He said he never adapted to new technology, referring to the personal PC. The personal PC is over 33 years old. It is not new. Big Data unlike the PC is not something lawyers will be able to push off onto their secretaries. To use it effectively, you need to understand it. I do not think you are Shamelessly Self-Promoting. You are preaching to those who are lost. God speed Timothy Keller.

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