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The Internet of Things Strikes Again – FTC Settles with Rent-to-Own Spies

So these rent-to-own businesses were using the computers rented to their customers to spy on the customers.  See the FTC notice of settlement here.  Not just the webcam, as was the case in situations we discussed earlier.  In this case … Continue reading

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Manipulating Search Engine Results – Picking Winners and Losers

I didn’t know this was a thing, but apparently there is (or was) money to be made publishing mug shots.  You make that money by charging for taking the mug shots down from your web site.  Innocent people that were … Continue reading

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The Balkanization of the Internet Begins

The European regulatory response to NSA-gate is gathering momentum.  The focus du jour is the cloud.  This New York Times article is a nice summary of the nonsensical thinking of some Europeans.  For example, provided in the article: Viviane Reding, … Continue reading

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Blended Data and Data Governance

Last month Pentaho has announced its Business Analytics 5.0 product.   Pentaho is emphasizing the data blending capability of the product.  Pentaho isn’t the only player in this particular game, but let’s stick with them for this discussion. In this article on datanami, Chuck … Continue reading

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The Third Element of Today’s Privacy Problem

  It’s people.  We’ve talked about the NSA and governments generally.  We’ve talked about Google and Facebook and other corporate actors.  Finally now, we have to consider people.  Not their actions in the conduct of their work – however much … Continue reading

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Wearables in the Workplace – The Internet of Creepy Things

In this Big Data world we have to remember that all of the data we collect can be misused and improperly disclosed.  We should not be collecting all the information we can collect.  We should be collecting the information we … Continue reading

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There is Something Else to Discuss about Facebook’s Proposed New Rules – It’s Inferred Information

Our last post about Facebook’s proposed new rules was focused on the commercialization of Facebook user content.  That’s been the general focus of the discussion of Facebook’s action.  Take this from the Wall Street Journal for example. There is something else to … Continue reading

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Does Mark Zuckerberg Read Big Data and the Law?

Probably not.  On the other hand, we here at Big Data and the Law have said more than once that your information is the price of participating in social media.  For example – here.  Now Facebook has finally made it clear … Continue reading

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The Future of Search Results is more of the Same Problems

The importance of search engines.  We use them to find goods and services, we use them for research, as I am while putting this post together. At a minimum, as a matter of commerce it is obvious that search results … Continue reading

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Big Data and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is about wirelessly gathering information from such things.  A definition from an article in InfoWorld: It its heart, IoT is a wide-ranging ecosystem of everyday physical objects connected to the Internet, capable of identifying themselves and … Continue reading

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