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The Draft NTIA Mobile App Code of Conduct – Pretty Close to Useless

After more than a year of “stakeholder” discussions, the National Telecommunications and Information Agency released a final draft Short Form Notice Code of Conduct to Promote Transparency in Mobile App Practices. Let’s talk about what’s wrong with it. We have … Continue reading

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California Attorney General Goofs Again

We’re back to the problems the California Attorney General is having with constructively addressing privacy issues with mobile apps.  As you know, Attorney General took two big actions with respect to those issues.  The second big action was the release … Continue reading

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California’s Mobile App Privacy Initiative – A Good Example of What’s Wrong with Privacy Regulation

To be effective, regulation has to be about acts and omissions – not disclosure.  We don’t charge people for the crime of failing to disclosure their intention to steal.  We charge them for stealing.  California’s alleged effort to “promote greater … Continue reading

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California Mobile App Privacy Initiative – Special Wednesday Context Post

Yesterday’s post probably made it clear that this blog has a negative view of the mobile app privacy initiative of the California Attorney General.  The post tomorrow should put to rest any doubt about it. Given the nature of those … Continue reading

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California Attorney General Discovers Mobile Apps – Alert the Media!

Yes I know this is old news, but bear with me.  This is commentary, or muckraking or yellow journalism – you decide.  In any event, we’ll call this muck-blogging from here on out.   The Attorney General of the State of … Continue reading

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