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Wearables in the Workplace – The Internet of Creepy Things

In this Big Data world we have to remember that all of the data we collect can be misused and improperly disclosed.  We should not be collecting all the information we can collect.  We should be collecting the information we … Continue reading

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There is Something Else to Discuss about Facebook’s Proposed New Rules – It’s Inferred Information

Our last post about Facebook’s proposed new rules was focused on the commercialization of Facebook user content.  That’s been the general focus of the discussion of Facebook’s action.  Take this from the Wall Street Journal for example. There is something else to … Continue reading

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Friday Fun – Be an Evil Data Dealer

Both informative and fun – play Data Dealer!  Use you your budget to amass a portfolio of personal information.  Earn money by selling that information. Next week we’ll be serious again.  In the meantime, Big Data and the Law suggests … Continue reading

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What is Our Personal Information Worth? Apparently not Very Much.

A March 2012 article in The Atlantic says our personal information is worth between $.01 and $1200.  According to the article, the difference is attributable to respective values of: 1.         The purchase price of our information as part of a … Continue reading

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Will Wyndham Hotels Put Us on the Road to Rational Data Security Regulation?

I hope so. Here are the facts we need for this discussion: 1.         The Federal Trade Commission charged four different Wyndham corporations (which we’ll just call them all Wyndham here) with deceptive acts and practices, as well as unfair acts … Continue reading

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Big Data and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is about wirelessly gathering information from such things.  A definition from an article in InfoWorld: It its heart, IoT is a wide-ranging ecosystem of everyday physical objects connected to the Internet, capable of identifying themselves and … Continue reading

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The Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions – California is at It Again

Once again California has taken a leadership role in addressing privacy issues by making things worse. One of the top problems we have with fixing privacy law in the world is the compulsion of states, nations and super-national groups to … Continue reading

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The Draft NTIA Mobile App Code of Conduct – Pretty Close to Useless

After more than a year of “stakeholder” discussions, the National Telecommunications and Information Agency released a final draft Short Form Notice Code of Conduct to Promote Transparency in Mobile App Practices. Let’s talk about what’s wrong with it. We have … Continue reading

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How is Facebook Different than the Deutsche Börse AlphaFlash?

You will recall that earlier in the year the Securities and Exchange Commission announced that it is OK for public companies to use social media to disclose what is (up to the time of disclosure) non-public information.  You will also … Continue reading

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The Small Bright Side to the Facebook Thing

I promised to discuss a different perspective on the damage caused by Facebook’s shadow profiles and data breach.  This is it.  I’ll keep it short because it’s Friday. The good news about the Facebook data breach is the way it … Continue reading

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