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That Nondisclosure Agreement Just Cost You Your Business

There are a lot of nondisclosures signed every day.  How many are read before they are signed?  Not all of them.  When they are read, how often do the readers think through how the terms of the nondisclosure relate to … Continue reading

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Data Is Not Everything – There Is Not an Objective Metric for Everything

  My apologies for not posting anything last week.  I was at a conference. Much of the conference was about how in-house counsel measures the performance of outside counsel. The mantra of the day: If you can’t measure it you … Continue reading

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Non-Infringement Warranty Disclaimers – Please Relax, You’re Covered Elsewhere

This will seem basic to some, but I keep running into the issue so it’s not as widely understood as it might be.  Also, this might be new information to readers unfamiliar with U.S. law. In the United States, the … Continue reading

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Licensing Technology, Big Data and Data of Other Sizes – Don’t Agree that the Licensor Owns What It Claims to License

I ran into this issue again recently, and I think it’s worth sharing.  So, I’m sharing. Often licenses incorporate a provision like this: Licensee acknowledges that licensor owns all right, title and interest in the software and data, and in … Continue reading

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The Problem of Fortune Telling and Large IT Projects

  My handlers tell me that the best way to kick off a shameless self promotion blog is to identify a problem that falls within the scope of the blog and then suggest one or more solutions.  So here it … Continue reading

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Introducing Big Data and the Law

This is my blog and this is my first post.  As you can see, it’s called Big Data and the Law.  Big Data is the hottest thing since the Cloud and I hope using it will help this blog get … Continue reading

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