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Things We Can Learn about Big Data and the Law from the 3D Gun Printing Story

This is the first of a three-part series.   Today we consider what the 3D gun printing story can teach us about the Law of Unintended Consequences. The law of unintended consequences is my favorite law.  Why?  Because it reminds us … Continue reading

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California Attorney General Goofs Again

We’re back to the problems the California Attorney General is having with constructively addressing privacy issues with mobile apps.  As you know, Attorney General took two big actions with respect to those issues.  The second big action was the release … Continue reading

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Speaking of Data Sellers – The FTC is Looking at Them

Given yesterday’s post, there is one bit of news we should not ignore.  This week the Federal Trade Commission announced it has been conducting an investigation of data brokers and their compliance (or non-compliance) with applicable law.  Specifically, the FTC … Continue reading

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A Little Muck-blogging about the Securities and Exchange Commission and Social Media

This post is not about securities law.  It’s about privacy and the law of unintended consequences. So the SEC released a report about public disclosures and social media.  It’s here: In it, the SEC says it’s OK for public … Continue reading

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