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Follow-up on Data Collection and Personal Responsibility – More about the Google Glass Debate

As we discussed in our last post, people are collecting lots and lots of the personal information that ends up being publicly disclosed.  A couple of interesting articles have been published since then that shed further light on the problem. … Continue reading

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Data Collection, Personal Responsibility and the Law

In a recent article in the Huffington Post, John Whitehead asks this question: What would happen if the most powerful technology company in the world and the largest clandestine spying agency in the world joined forces? Similarly, a recent article … Continue reading

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Maybe Edward Snowden Works for Google, or Facebook, or Microsoft, or One of those Guys

Ok, probably not.  But consider who benefits from all the attention the NSA thing is getting.  Answer: all those other organizations that collect information about you.  We discussed this previously here at Big Data and the Law.  The NSA gets … Continue reading

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NSA Loses One, Wins One – Interesting Differences in the Courts’ Reasoning

After the NSA’s loss in the D.C. District court, the NSA has a win in the Southern District of New York.  Here at Big Data and the Law we’ve dialed it back for the holidays, so haven’t yet spent much … Continue reading

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Google, Facebook, AOL, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft and Yahoo to U.S. Government: Stop Collecting Personal Information – That’s Our Job

As you likely know, Google, Facebook, AOL, Twitter, LinkedIn, Apple, Microsoft and Yahoo are suddenly concerned about our privacy.  They have all signed on to an open letter to the President and Congress, in which they say: We understand that … Continue reading

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Seriously, it’s Not Just the NSA

Last week we discussed how the NSA has to get its data from somewhere, and it turns out the NSA gets it from us – via Google and friends.  The essential point made was that private enterprise also deserves scrutiny … Continue reading

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That NSA Thing – Think about the Data for a Minute, Think about It Differently

I started doing some photography as a hobby this year.  One thing I learned in the process is that not seeing the forest for the trees isn’t always a problem.  Sometimes the trees deserve some attention. In this case, while … Continue reading

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That NSA Thing

No doubt there has been enough written about this, and one more thing will be superfluous.  A blog named Big Data and the Law can’t avoid the subject though.  But before we get into the “and the Law” part of our … Continue reading

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