Friday Fun Facts

Apparently not everyone is successfully using data analytics.  I got an email from West Publishing entitled “Legal courses relevant to you.”  Here is the list of courses they suggest for me:

    • Trends in Eyewitness Identification
    • Private Offerings & Accredited Investors Series: What Issuers and their Advisors Must Know: General Solicitation and Advertising in Private Offerings
    • Expansion of Islamic Finance into Mainstream Global Commerce
    • Federal Law of Cell Tower Zoning for Municipal Attorneys
    • Insider Trading and Rule 10b5-1 Plans: What Public Companies Should Consider
    • Ethics and the Practice of Criminal Law
    • Whose Evil Empire Is It?  User Generated? Trademarks and the Yankees at the TTAB
    • Ethical Principles Your Mother Should Have Taught You in the Twenty-first Century of Wisconsin Law Practice

I challenge you to identify what these have in common.  The first one to figure it out gets – to be the first one to figure it out.  But let me throw in another to increase the challenge.  Both West and ALI-ABA are trying to get me to a course on legal issues in museum administration.  Add that to the puzzle.

Bonus points for identifying everything that’s wrong with the last one about ethical principles and practicing law in Wisconsin.


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