California Mobile App Privacy Initiative – Special Wednesday Context Post

Yesterday’s post probably made it clear that this blog has a negative view of the mobile app privacy initiative of the California Attorney General.  The post tomorrow should put to rest any doubt about it.

Given the nature of those posts, it is probably a good idea to provide some context in which to consider them.  Although we are fans of privacy for the people, we here at Big Data and the Law are not anti-business.  We are pro clarity. 

Clarity is the only way that people will know their rights and businesses will know their obligations.  Arguments can and should be had over the substance of privacy issues and how the law should address them.  However, whatever the outcome of the arguments, every law addressing these issues should be clear.  That’s the basic problem with approach of the California Attorney General.

In the future we will have more about how government’s approach to privacy issues is bad for most businesses.

In the meantime, be assured that Big Data and the Law is not socialist propaganda.  We don’t want to scare off our target market.  All this shameless self promotion would go to waste then – wouldn’t it?

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